23 weeks pregnant

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Hello Nurliyana!
23 weeks pregnant

Feeling energetic and excited about the forthcoming birth? If you find yourself dancing around the house with joy, your baby will hear the music and feel you sway, since his hearing and sense of movement are well developed now. He's also started blinking his eyelids. At the end of this week, your baby becomes "viable". This means that he has a chance of survival if he makes an early arrival. However, with each week that passes, he becomes more and more mature, and better able to cope with the outside world.

See an illustration of your baby and find out more fascinating fetal development facts.

note : aku dah dapat rase baby lam perut ni menendang2...huhu..baby mama ni..jgn nakal2 ye...
ohye, baby menendang tu prkara biasa...kalau tak menndang tu, tak normal n jumpa la dgn doktor anda..

♥ honey ♥
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